Ranking of Vampires Survivors 2023 January (2023)

Hello everyone, here is onevampire survivor level list,and this vampire survivor ranking is shared by monsoon1117, i've been playing this game for the past few days and really enjoyed it. I love leaderboards and haven't seen any for this game yet. I decided to create a very long list of levels. Also read here:

Let me know what you think and if you have Vampire Survivor Tier Lists V0.10.0 2023 that you like. Anyway, have fun guys. Also read here:Evolution diagram of vampire survivors j

Ranking of vampire survivors S | Items - Heavenly Cross/Sword, King's Bible/Unholy Eve, Fire Staff/Hellfire, Spinach, Void Tome, Replicator | Characters โ€“ None, seriously | Booster Picks: Armor, Crowd, Magnet

  • Heavenly Cross/Sword โ€“This is the case for the weapon that carries the associated hard passive. The cross itself offers excellent crowd control, DPS and scaling very well. This is arguably the best item overall as it is very useful to use when not evolved. Once fully amplified, this thing is also an absolute BEAST. He always ends up with the highest DPS numbers. If this wasn't paired with Klee, it would be the best weapon in my opinion.

  • King's Bible/Unholy Eve โ€“Many people consider it the holy grail of items in Vampire Survivors. While I agree it's pretty cool, I don't think it beats the cross or the fire staff. The main reasons for this lie in the paired topicality, user-friendliness and scaling factors. The Spellbinder's paired upgrade isn't bad and has synergies with the book. However, not excellent. The usability of the Bible during the update is also limited. It has many issues that make it beautiful to the point of matching its development. Finally, just scale up with spinach and damage buffs. This prevents it from emitting the damage per second of other higher tier weapons. However, he still stands out for his unrivaled defensive prowess.

  • Wand of Fire/Hellfire โ€“This might be the best weapon in the game. It's very useful even at low ranks, it scales very well with many factors, its development is incredibly good, and it even combines with Spinach, one of the best overall upgrades. This is a great weapon overall.

    (Video) Vampire Survivors: top 10 games from last year ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐ŸŽฎ๐ŸŽฎ
  • Spinach -It's a pretty good damage multiplier. It is also combined with the fire staff. What else is there to say?

  • Empty Tome โ€“This is an absolute beast of an upgrade path. First, even without CDR in the upgrade tree, this gives 66% more DPS for almost all weapons. With the additional 5% CDR from upgrade trees, this results in 81% more overall DPS for weapons. It also adds extra CC to your weapons, making it a great all-around upgrade.

  • Copying -Small investment? Check over. Can the effectiveness of many weapons be doubled at a single point? Check over. Does it scale very well? Check over. This is arguably the best update in the game. It changes games in seconds.

  • armor -Such an assessment turns a slack handlebar into a complete tank. Very economical and impressive.

  • Crowd -This doubles the start for most characters and makes the game much easier. This is the best overall upgrade and should always be picked up first if you can afford it.

  • magnetic -While the magnet is simple at first, it dramatically expands your item collection range. Combined with Attractorb, it can capture almost any screen. The extra exp collectors make this so great as it levels up your character faster.

Vampire Survivor Level A List | Items: Wand/Holy Wand, Axe/Death Coil, Rune Trail, Spinach, Candlebrador | Characters: Gennaro, Arca, Might | Ignition selection: power, range, duration

  • Wand / Holy Wand โ€“This is a deceptively good weapon. The DPS is ok and the damage is not bad. It ends with drilling, which generally helps. The main selling point is the passive needed to level it up: the Void Tome. This passive increases overall damage per second for most weapons by 66% and even adds extra CC against larger targets. That's what makes this article so solid.

  • Axe/Death Coil โ€“So this is an interesting case study on peer upgrades. Without various projectile upgrades, the ax is not particularly convincing. Once it's done it's pretty solid and goes with the Candlebrador. This item's AOE upgrade is huge and makes a big difference, making acquiring the legendary version of it a breeze. That's what makes the ax really good, not the weapon itself.

  • rune tracker -Some people probably expected to see this on the S level, but unfortunately I couldn't fully substantiate it. This item has great DPS, eliminates enemies, offers some single target depth, and has a lot of scaling factors. However, this isn't as strong a late game as compared to the strongest Legendaries. This article goes very well with the King's Bible as they are well updated with the Spell Binder update. Rune Tracer also helps alleviate the early midgame where the Bible struggles at times.

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  • Santa's waterAfter repeating this item a few times based on community feedback, I agree, it's powerful. The item requires a lot of specialization, but it's what someone would want for almost any build. EG, spinach, empty core and additional peels. Other elements scale with it, but these are the most important parts. This item is absent in the early and mid game but takes effect in the late game, functioning as a weaker but larger AOE version of Eve.

  • candlestick -This is a very powerful upgrade for almost any character, but it really shines with Porta. AOE buffs stack multiplicatively, making skill AOE absolutely colossal. This even built in a natural synergy as the range works for most items. However, this is not an S level as it is combined with Ax and cannot be synergized with other characters. However, it is a definite S-teri in Porta.

  • insert spell -This is an item that is not that strong but is combined with amazing weapons. You need this for the updated bible and this article also works wonders for Rune Tracer. If it weren't for that, I'd probably be C-Level, but these guns exist, so this thing gets an A.

  • Genaro-He starts with a pretty decent weapon, and his passive is great. Doubles the knife's starting power before adding projectile upgrades. Overall, it doesn't take much to get this character up and running, and its starting point is probably the best of any character. Gennaro is a very strong option.

  • Arca-Arca starts with Fire Wand, which pretty much ends a late game with Spinach and Hellfire. Arca's passive is also very strong when combined with the appropriate upgrades. Void Tome and CDR in upgrade trees give this character incredibly low cooldowns. Starting Arca is also not difficult. Great, well-rounded choice.

  • It could -This is the damage update for the buff tree. Some upgrades are very cheap and scale very well. However, it is a bit expensive to fully unlock it.

  • Area -The 10% bonus is misleading. For example, a circle with radius 2 has an area of โ€‹โ€‹12.5. With a radius of 2.2, the area of โ€‹โ€‹this circle increases to 15.2. That's a 20% increase, making it remarkably efficient in most cases.

  • Duration -This update is more efficient than most updates for some reason and therefore belongs to Tier A.

Rank B List of Vampire Survivors | Items: Whip/Bloody Tear, Knife/Thousand Threads, Armor, Bracer, Attractorb, Stone Mask | Characters โ€“ Antonio, Pasqualina, Porta, Mortaccio | Power-Up Options: Cooldown, Speed, Luck, Greed

  • Whip/Bloody Tear โ€“The whip is an interesting weapon. When I started playing it felt strong. Solid AOE, decent single target DPS, and various scaling factors like AOE, projectiles, etc. However, he doesn't really do that much damage late in the game. Its evolution helps with survivability, but it's unmatched in comparison to just killing enemies faster. Still decent. Its evolution would take it to Tier A, but the required passive is a hollow heart that only increases a small percentage of HP. It prevents this from being great.

  • Make -This article is interesting for its scaling curve. It starts off pretty weak, isn't strong mid-game, but when it's over it's solid. This item would be worse than the whip if it didn't combine with the bracer, which is a useful upgrade that goes with many items. Overall, this isn't a bad weapon, but it's not a great one either.

  • armor -Of all the defensive buffs, this one is probably the best. Just one point doubles your character's survivability. A few rows will transform you into this huge behemoth. It's still better to just kill enemies, but that's decent enough to guarantee points when you're fighting.

  • Clamp -This item has many advantages and disadvantages. For one, it works with some of the best weapons in the game (Bible, Cross, and Rune Trace). On the other hand, this item does not have the same multiplication as other damage buffs. For example, if you pair Spinach and Void Tome, you can double your DPS numbers. That will help, but it doesn't offer the same power for anything other than Rune Tracer.

  • Attractor โ€“This item should be worse than it is, but I mostly end up choosing it. As a result, experience accumulates much faster,especially in the mad forest. This biome makes collecting experience orbs a real chore, so it's a must there. The embedded library doesn't require the same kind of support.

    (Video) Vampire Survivors 99% RAD Rating Saga of Slayers

  • shamrock -I'll be honest this is a bad C tier upgrade. It doesn't work often, it usually takes a lot of investment to affect your character. Worse, earning points can often prevent you from getting other, more valuable upgrades. However, this unlocks the evolution of the cross. It just takes you to a higher level.

  • Stone Mask -This is pointless or necessary. Before completing the stages, this thing helps to get more gold and therefore has no value. Once you can complete stages, each cancel becomes 50% more valuable, making it necessary. For this reason it is D or S.

  • Antinium โ€“This guy starts with an evolutionary weapon, and his upgrade is pretty solid. 50% more damage is no joke. The only problem is the slowness of the leveling upgrade. There are also more scalable characters.

  • pascualina-Her starting weapon is the best in the game, making your early and mid games a breeze. She also has a decent upgrade option with her early passive trigger. However, there is nothing obtrusive about her, which is why she sits on B.

  • porta-Port has some advantages. For starters, your starting CDR isn't tied to time, it's tied to levels. This can be abused on any of the maps, giving each character the easiest start. After that, Porta can decimate most mobs with his absurd AOE. If your starting weapon was any better, it would be a basic A tier.

  • mortacio-This is the character that corresponds to Stone Mask. Either Mortaccio sucks because you can't make it to the end of the game, or Mortaccio is the best because you can make it to the end of the game. There really is no middle ground. Mortaccio's passive is absurd and scales ridiculously well. Your starting weapon is pretty terrible. Great for the library.

  • Cooling down -This is an amazing update, especially for Arca. However, it's a little pricey for what it does. 3% per rating would improve this significantly.

  • Speed โ€‹โ€‹-This can be very helpful on certain builds, but is by no means excessive.

  • Art -Luck gives you a good chance at four upgrades. While it's pretty cool if you intend to get a tail and clubs, I'd skip it otherwise.

  • ambition -Once you finish the levels, this becomes a very solid upgrade that will allow you to level up faster. Very solid in this case, but useless against him.

Vampire Survivor Tier List C | Items - Peachone, Santa Water, Lightning Ring, Clock Lancet | Characters โ€“ Imelda | Power Picks: Recovery, MoveSpeed

  • Peach -This is a relatively situational element. It scales with a lot of stuff initially, but it never isThat's good. This causes other compensation options to outperform it since its damage per second is low. It also doesn't destroy enemies in a survivable way. A fully upgraded knife offers a way to survive in a mob of enemies. This will take out the spiraling enemies and leave you dead in the water.

  • Blitzring -This item is a mixed bag. At first it looks like it's going to be a crowd control machine. It inevitably falls short of that promise. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the better C tier weapons/items, but I don't think it's on the same level as the B tier. It just lacks that late-game momentum where other options trump it. although these elements begin.

  • Lanzettenuhr โ€“I was having a really hard time getting this to a B or C level. For one, the first two ratings in this article are literally useless. On the other hand, you can use it to run through dense masses of enemies that you wouldn't otherwise be able to kill. But therein lies the problem; This item does not actually kill monsters. I'd rather just get an item that gives me amazing DPS and scaling than try to deal with it in a roundabout way. However, this article is very funny.

    (Video) I review 10 MORE random Vampire Survivors clones off my Steam discovery queue - Backlog Blitz #3

  • blond-This item can work great with many upgrades. First, it's too small an increase to sustain. With many CDR and duration upgrades, he gets much better, making him very resilient for a long time. However, it not only eliminates enemies, but gives you more experience and more options in the long run.

  • imelda-Imelda has a pretty decent upgrade that will be unlocked soon. Your weapon is also good for getting through the early stages of the game. However, some characters can balance their experience gain with their higher kill potential, making this choice seem redundant.

  • recovery -This is a one point wonder. Put a single point on it and it won't be able to slowly pull it apart. But I wouldn't bet more.

  • movement speed -It's not very flashy, but I imagine some people would appreciate the utility it offers. It's worth setting a point where you can't afford major upgrades.

Ranking of vampire survivors D | Item: ebony wings, garlic, pentagram, bone, hollow heart, pummarola, wings, crown | Characters โ€“ Poe | Booster Picks: Max Health, Growth

  • Ebony wings -This is a classic example of anything that can go wrong with an item. It doesn't have a Legendary upgrade, it doesn't do a lot of DPS, it doesn't scale with tons of items, and it doesn't give you a way forward. If you managed to get this element working, great, but I think it's a notch below most options.

  • She -This article is a fall promise. You'd think this would destroy enemies that approach and allow you to leave them to oblivion. It turns out to be a much worse version of the King's Bible, superior in every way. I wish the garlic wasn't so bad but it is what it is.

  • Osso -This, even if fully updated with lots of projective, permanent, cdr, etc updates, is still pretty cool. I barely got past 1000 DPS, which most weapons easily step on. These articles are not even mentioned here.Terrible start to the game. For those reasons, that's bad enough.

  • empty heart -A single point in armor works more than 5 points in it. Skip it unless you opt for the upgraded whip, which makes it an acceptable part of a volume-based build.

  • Regrettably -I really wish this article was better. i really love However, being a fast boy doesn't work when enemies are coming from all directions. I used this weapon and found myself nowhere to run and enemies fell everywhere. In those moments, I wished I had chosen spinach or an empty tome.

  • Krone -You can gain more experience per second in three ways: kill more enemies, collect more bullets, or make experience more important. In general, the first method is the best. After all, the power to kill helps you survive. The latter isn't a bad option either, as even a point or two on Attractorb makes a big difference. The? That's not even noticeable.

  • after-Poe is the worst opening character, and it's a shame he can say that with such certainty. He can pick up objects that are very far away, but his weapon is melee. What? He's also a lot more fragile than the other characters, which makes him really, really bad.

  • full health -It's a pretty bad buff compared to armor or a single point on cooldown.

Vampire Survivor Level List F | Article โ€“ Pentagram | Character โ€“ None | Reinforcement Options: Growth

(Video) Mortaccios Evolution Goshadokuro VS The Hardest Mode in Vampire Survivors

  • Pentagramm -This item is the undisputed king of EXP loss and low damage per second. If you see a chest, this thing will likely remove it. Oh. Also removes experience orbs. Because of those two qualities, it's probably the worst item in the game, and it doesn't scale well to anything other than CDR. The absolute unreliability makes this thing pretty bad even compared to garlic.

  • pummarola โ€“That is abad update. Even when maxed out, it's barely noticeable. Jump guys, really. Put a point on choosing passive ignition instead.

  • Growth - For such a small upgrade, this is very expensive. It really doesn't add much when you think about it

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