11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (2023)

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Vegetables are a healthy snack for humans and dogs. Not only that, they are an essential part of our diets! They provide the vitamins and nutrients your dog needs to survive.

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However, not all vegetables that are healthy for humans can be given to dogs. If you don't know better, it's easy to make a mistake and feed them dangerous foods while thinking you're feeding them something healthy.

Vegetables that can poison your dog include mushrooms, rhubarb, those in the allium family, such as onion and garlic, and some in the nightshade family, such as green tomatoes or undercooked potatoes. If your dog eats a poisonous vegetable, call a vet immediately.

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In this article, we talk about 11 popular vegetables that are either toxic or non-toxic.unsafe for dogs to eat. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, which means that just because a vegetable is not listed here does not mean it is safe.

1. Mushrooms

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (1)

Wild mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs, so it's best not to feed them. However, the mushrooms you buy at the supermarket are safe in small amounts.

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While most of us know to avoid eating or feeding unknown fungi to our dogs, they can sometimes sprout in your backyard or in other outdoor places your dog frequents, such as the neighborhood, the place he goes to walk or in a park. local .

It's important to make sure they don't get eaten! long-term; Each dog should have a solid "leave it" and "leave it" sign in case he picks up dangerous things like poisonous mushrooms. If they are growing in the garden, your dog may need constant supervision to make sure they are not eaten.

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In the short term, keeping your dog on a short leash or muzzled can help discourage him from eating mushrooms that he shouldn't be eating.

2. Vegetables that can poison your dog: Onion

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (5)

Dogs cannot eat onions or parts of an onion plant. This includes foods with onion powder, which is more concentrated and therefore even more toxic than whole foods.

one in the middleThe dog can experience dangerous levels of toxicity when eatingjust an onion or the equivalent.

Symptoms ofonion toxicityThese include lethargy, weakness, decreased appetite, vomiting, pale gums, increased heart rate, excessive panting, fainting, and red colored urine.

Can dogs die from onion poisoning?, especially if they are not receiving veterinary care. if youdog eat onion, immediately call the nearest emergency veterinary clinic for help.

3. She

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (6)

Garlic is another highly toxic vegetable for dogs. Like onions, it is toxic in all its forms, including fresh, cooked, and powdered.

unfortunately,Garlic is even more toxicthan onion - is up to five times stronger. Like onions and other alliums, garlic damages a dog's red blood cells. This can cause all of the symptoms listed in the Onion section above.

It is important that you take your dog to the vet immediately if he has eaten garlic. Don't wait for an appointment or even to show symptoms, as some damage may be invisible and getting poisoned early can prevent your dog from getting sick in the first place.

Another important note is to never induce vomiting at home unless otherwise directed by a vet. This can actually do more harm than good in some cases.

4. Vegetables that can poison your dog: chives

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (7)

Chives are another food that belongs to the Allium family of plants and is therefore just as toxic as the foods mentioned above. OKPet Poison HotlineSome Japanese breeds like Akitas and Shiba Inus are more sensitive to Allium toxicity.

Chives, in particular, can cause red blood cell damage, stomach pain, and weakness. Symptoms may not appear until a few days after your dog has eaten chives.

As with the above foods, it is important to call a vet for immediate help.

5. leek

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (8)

Leeks are also in the allium family, and your dog may experience the same symptoms as the aforementioned vegetables: red blood cell damage, anemia, and gastrointestinal upset.

Keep in mind that if your dog eats different types of garlic, even if all the vegetables are consumed below the normal poisoning threshold, he could still get poisoned.

That's because they all contain the same toxic compounds. Poisoning can also build up in a dog's system for days if he continues to consume small amounts.

6. Vegetables that can poison your dog: chives

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (9)

The last allium vegetable on our list, chives, is also not safe for your dog. If your dog eats chives, take him to the vet immediately.

7. Rhabarbero

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (10)

Rhubarb contains oxalic acid, which makes it poisonous.eat puppies.

Symptoms of rhubarb poisoningThese include drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, tiredness, weakness, tremors, changes in thirst or urination, and blood in the urine. Kidney failure has been found in dogs that ate large amounts of rhubarb.

If your dog eats rhubarb, call a veterinary hospital or animal poison hotline immediately. Let him know how much your dog has eaten and if he is showing any symptoms of poisoning.

8. Unripe tomatoes

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (11)

Tomatoes are technically a fruit, but many people view them as a vegetable. While ripe tomatoes aresafe for dogs to eat, green tomatoes are not. EITHERThe plant itself is also poisonous to dogs..

Symptoms oftomato poisoningThese include stomach pain, lethargy, incoordination, decreased appetite, weakness, excessive salivation, dilated pupils, tremors, seizures, and heart problems.

According to the American Kennel Club, tomato poisoning is rare and a dog would have to eat a lot to experience side effects. Still, it's best to contact an animal poison hotline or a vet if your dog eats green tomatoes or parts of a tomato plant.small dogs and puppiesThey are at higher risk of poisoning.

9. Vegetables that can poison your dog: Raw potato

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (12)

Raw potatoes contain solanine, which is toxic to dogs. The solanine content in potatoes decreases as they are cooked, which is why we used to think that boiled potatoes were safe.

However, it seems that the white potato can be associated with it.canine dilated cardiomyopathy(DCM), a heart disease. The FDA is currently investigating the role of many fillers in grain-free dog foods to determine why they have been associated with increased risk of heart disease.

As such, I would personally avoid feeding whole potatoes until the FDA can fully investigate DCM and we know the cause.

(Video) Top 7 dangerous/toxic foods Your Dog Should NOT Eat! Many of them are Lethal for dogs!

10. peas

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (13)

While not toxic, peas may be linked to DCM in dogs. They may be fine in small amounts – current studies focus on the use of peas as a bulking agent in Grain Freedog food.

Still, I recommend avoiding them until we have more information. It's just not worth the risk when other great vegetables won't harm our furry friends.

11. Vegetables that can poison your dog: pepper

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (14)

Plus, technically non-toxic, peppers can irritate your dog's mouth, throat, and digestive system. Dogs cannot tolerate spicy foods and do not like to eat them.

So please refrain from giving him pepperoni. Also, keep your dog out of the garden when growing pepper plants, as the leaves and stems are poisonous to them.

Bell peppers and other peppers are good for dogs., but do research the individual pepper variety to make sure you're feeding a safe variety.

What vegetables are safe to feed dogs?

Fortunately, there are a variety of dog-safe vegetables that we can turn to instead of the ones on this list. Vegetables make a great healthy snack for dogs, along with fruits and small pieces of cooked, unseasoned meat.

Some of the tastiest vegetables for your dog include sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of vitamin A, while pumpkin contains fiber, which helps regulate the dog's digestive system.

Carrots are a favorite snack for many dogs. They can be fed in small pieces, which is preferable for small dogs and puppies. Large dogs can also eat them as if they were chewing on them; some people even freeze them to make them a bit tougher.

This can keep your dog busy, but remember to supervise him at all times. If he tries to swallow large pieces or the whole carrot, remove it and avoid chewing on it in the future.

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11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (26)

11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (27)

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11 vegetables that can poison your dog and are not safe to eat (28)

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